Nowadays, many people are very busy and spend little time with their families. Therefore, going outdoors and doing some activities together will benefit family relationships and improve physical and mental health. Here are some interesting outdoor ideas for every age group, where your family will have a lot of fun.

Classic Outdoor Games with a Twist

What kinds of games did you play when you were a child? And can you reintroduce them to your own kids with some wild twists? Hide-and-seek is more interesting when played outdoors, with leaves, trees, and rocks for camouflage. That way, your kids will get a workout for their bodies and brains. As they hide, they also learn to become one with nature.

Set up an obstacle course with materials naturally found in the area, such as logs, rocks, or tree stumps. This helps improve cardio and problem-solving abilities while helping participants feel at ease with their surroundings. Record a clock time for each family member and ask them to try to beat it another time.

Eco-themed scavenger hunts are another excellent way to get the whole family involved. Instead of collecting, you could use a camera or smartphone to take photos of various types of plants, insects, or natural formations. This teaches children about the local flora and fauna but keeps each organism intact coupled with binoculars, up-close images can be safely viewed.

Exploring Local Parks and Trails

Your neighborhood parks and trails offer myriad possibilities for outdoor family fun. Nature walks are great for wildlife watching. Arm yourselves with binoculars and field guides to help you and your children identify birds, insects, and small animals. It’s educational and a wonderful way of instilling a love of nature and appreciation in the young.

Geocaching is a form of modern-day treasure hunt that gets families out exploring in an urban environment – it’s a great way to keep active. Satellite coordinates can be obtained online, allowing players to search for caches in parks or other urban locations. Take extra small items to add to a cache if you find one, along with a pen to add your username.

While tomorrow is Thanksgiving, picnicking can spice up today. It is just simple classic fun if it has been long since you’ve done so. Do you like good hikes? How about a ‘progressive picnic’ where you hike to different places for each course of your meal? Start with appetizers at a scenic overlook, the main course by a babbling brook, and finish with dessert in a flower meadow.

Water-based Family Fun

Water sports are a cooling way to enjoy time outside in warmer months. Water activities can include more than swimming at the beach. Your family can also build sandcastles, enjoy a game of beach volleyball, or even try skim-boarding. Adults can ensure children are always supervised near water and encourage everyone to wear life jackets while engaging in water activities.

If you have paddle craft access (lake, pond, river), kayaking or paddleboarding as a family can be fun and invigorating. It builds balance, strength, and coordination, allowing you to see your waterway from a new perspective. You can usually find tandem kayaks for families with younger children if you have little ones.

On hot days, create water play areas in the backyard. Try a slip-and-slide with a tarp and biodegradable soap or a water balloon toss competition. These water games are fun and cool down, all while promoting physical activity and community building.

Outdoor Sports for All Ages

Show your family how to modify versions of popular sports to fit different ages and abilities. For example, play ‘soccer golf’, where you set up targets throughout a yard or park to kick a soccer ball to hit the target the least number of times with the soccer ball.

Grown-up lawn games such as bocce, croquet, or horseshoes work well for intergenerational play. They require few materials and are often played at a relaxed pace.

Hold your own family Olympics with a medley of traditional and invented events: sack races, egg-and-spoon relays, and frisbee-throwing. Present homemade medals or trophies to celebrate everyone’s contribution and participation.

Findings from the studies on outdoor education and adventure experiences.

Nature-inspired Arts and Crafts

Engage your kids in nature-inspired art projects to involve creativity in outdoor experiences. Set up an outdoor painting or drawing station where you and your family can translate your surroundings into picture form. Use sketchbooks or coloring supplies such as watercolors or pencils, and let your children’s imaginations run free as they interpret nature on the page.

Collect natural materials such as leaves, twigs, and pebbles to create temporary artworks that Andy Goldsworthy might make. This activity ensures children experience the environment as impermanent and cyclical—something to be put together and taken apart again; when they are finished, they should leave no trace.

Organize photography walks and challenges: For older children and adults, design an assignment with a theme such as ‘textures in nature’ or ‘hidden beauty’ and go photo-walking to collect the pictures. When you come back, make a digital family album or frame the best pictures to hang somewhere in your home.

Gardening and Outdoor Projects

Starting a family vegetable garden is a great long-term project. Get your children involved in planning, cultivating, and tending to the garden. Children learn responsibility and patience and value the importance of sustainable food production. The family can celebrate their harvests and cook meals together using the home-grown produce.4.

Build birdhouses or insect hotels by getting to know your neighbors and the local wildlife. Research the most suitable designs for your region’s native species and collaborate on the carpentry process, perhaps even trading for bits of additional help on each other’s projects. Place the finished versions in your yard and keep track of some of your new guests over the coming years.

Install chairs and a trellis in a shaded portion of your backyard. Advertise it as a reading space and encourage your family to read outside. They might discover that they have fallen out of the habit of reading and want to change that. They might also find that they also enjoy escaping into nature. It’s a win-win situation. You also now have a space you can describe as your little Zen Garden, filled with meditation benches and chimes.

Nighttime Outdoor Adventures

After sunset, get out and start your activities. Stargazing is good for people of all ages. With star charts or smartphone apps, you can find constellations and planets. You can also create your own constellations and makeup stories about them.

If permitted, gather around a campfire to tell stories and make s’mores. Share the stories of family members, tell ghost stories, or come up with a story where everyone takes turns adding a part. This is a great activity to do at camp that helps foster the bond of family and uses imagination.

Nighttime nature treks offer the opportunity to experience oneself more intimately. Move-in the night using red-light headlamps (or other tools) to protect your night vision. This will allow your eyes to adjust naturally and see what kind of animals come out at night.

Listen for the call of nocturnal owls, search the air for bats, and notice which flowers bloom at night. Most importantly, be safe by staying on a lit path and wearing reflective clothes.

Seasonal Outdoor Activities

As the seasons change, there are different outdoor opportunities. In the spring, pick some flowers (depending on where you live) and press them into bookmarks or other decorative items. Along the way, learn about native wildflowers and why they are important for pollinators.

Summer is a great time to visit local farms and pick fruit. Orchards and farms specializing in fruit, such as strawberries, blueberries, peaches, or raspberries, generally offer a pick-your-own option. This type of activity teaches children about where their food comes from and helps support the local farming community. Combine your picking with a fun day out. Process the fruit to make jam, pie, or fruit salad.

The leaves turn beautiful this time of year, and collecting leaves for rubbings and putting them in books is always an option. Many farms are open with corn mazes at this time of year, so you can have a challenge for all ages of the family.

If staying indoors in winter is your preference, but the snow stuck to frozen toes still proves too tempting, why not try something other than making snowmen? Creativity can open your world to the possibilities of snow sculpting, or why not have a family contest to see who can sculpt the most interesting snow sculpture?

Family competitions never get old. Sledding, a classic winter sport, is enjoyable regardless of age, and the speed makes it pleasurable. Always remember the proper safety gear when winter sports are involved.


Engaging the whole family in outdoor activities is both beneficial and practical. There are numerous delights in getting outdoors together as a family. Playing outdoors improves the family member’s physical health, reduces stress, encourages creativity and imagination, heightens awareness of the environment, and brings people closer by strengthening their bonds. Are you passionate about different sports? Make sure that everybody gets to experience the activities that each family member likes.

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